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Solo 45: 45 Gum Shield
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45 Gum Shield

Solo 45

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Solo 45 branded self-fit mouthguard, suitable for ALL sports. Mouthguard comes with case and fitting instructions. Not suitable for use with braces. One size fits most.


Not for use with braces. Do not chew your mouthguard. In order for a mouthguard to protect you, it must fit properly so please follow these instructions carefully. Minors should be supervised by an adult at all times.

To fit this mouthguard, you will need:

  • A kettle
  • A bowl
  • A mirror
  • Cold tap water
  • A spoon
    • Fitting Instructions:

      1. Boil the kettle and pour the hot water into a bowl
      2. Immediately place the mouthguard into the hot water for 60 seconds
      3. Carefully remove the mouthguard from the hot water with the spoon
      4. Hold the mouthguard under the running cold water tap for approximately 1-2 seconds. This will ensure that the surface temperature is at a comfortable level
      5. List your lips and place the mouthguard in your mouth
      6. Watching in the mirror, line the mouthguard up carefully with the centreline of your upper teeth. Use fingers to push the mouthguard around your teeth at the front and the back around the molars.
      7. Close mouth and use suction and your tongue to create imprint of the lower teeth into the bottom of the mouthguard. Do this carefully to ensure that you do not bit all the way through the mouthguard.
      8. Remove the guard and place under cold water for 30 seconds
      9. Place back in mouth and test or a tight fit. If the fit is not perfect, repeat steps 1-8