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Kindness: World You Need A Change Of Mind

World You Need A Change Of Mind


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  • Release Date 06 November 2015
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This is the long awaited reissue of Kindness’s first album ‘World You Need A Change Of Mind’.

This album marked Adam Bainbridge’s first statement in the everlasting debate on the directions of dance music. His is a simple yet masterfully crafted 21th century take on the elements of the most engaging 70s and 80 R&B music.

Initially released in 2012, the record has since become a cult favourite.

Entirely produced by Zdar and Kindness mastermind Adam Bainbridge, the record soars of mid-tempo grooves, foot moving basslines and hat tip Marvin Gaye synths.

From opener ‘SEOD’ onto mellow Replacement cover ‘Swingin’ Party’, through to funk killer cuts like ‘Gee Up’ and ‘That’s Alright’, ‘World You Need A Change Of Mind’ is a unique, clever and fun journey through the world of dance music.

2. Swingin’ Party
3. Anyone Can Fall In Love
4. Gee Wiz
5. Gee Up
6. House
7. That’s Alright
8. Cyan
9. Bombastic
10. Doigsong