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The Divine Comedy: Foreverland


The Divine Comedy

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  • Release Date 02 September 2016
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Double CD Album
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Since The Divine Comedy’s inception in 1989, Neil Hannon has time and again proved to be one of the UK’s best and most original songwriters. New album 'Foreverland' exemplifies this, with references to everything from Catherine The Great to the French Foreign Legion. Neil says of the new record, 'it's about meeting your soul mate and living happily ever after... and then what comes after happily ever after. Get ready for the most historically inaccurate hit of the summer'.

While not releasing a record since 2010's 'Bang Goes The Knighthood', Neil Hannon has certainly kept himself busy. He co-wrote a second album for acclaimed cricket-themed project, The Duckworth Lewis Method, composed a choral work for the Royal Festival Hall's newly renovated organ entitled 'To Our Fathers In Distress', and oversaw the transfer of his musical, Swallows And Amazons, to the West End stage.


1. Napoleon Complex
2. Foreverland
3. Catherine The Great
4. Funny Peculiar
5. The Pact
6. To The Rescue
7. How Can You Leave Me On My Own
8. I Joined The Foreign Legion (To Forget)
9. My Happy Place
10. A Desperate Man
11. Other People
12. The One Who Loves You

1. 6th Of December
2. 11th Of December
3. 13th Of December
4. 23rd Of December
5. 3rd Of January
6. 13th Of January
7. 15th Of January
8. 30th Of January
9. 7th Of February
10. 22nd Of February
11. 8th Of March
12. 27th Of March
13. 4th Of April
14. 4th Of April (Midnight)v 15. 3rd Of May
16. 10th Of May
17. 21st Of May
18. 28th Of May
19. 31st Of May