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Vista Chino: Peace
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Vista Chino

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  • Release Date 02 September 2013
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Napalm Records

"Kyuss Lives! is now VISTA CHINO!...it feels great just to write that....and to say it out loud, feels even better. Now that our relationship with Napalm Records is official, it's time to forget about the past year, move forward, and execute our original plan, which was to make kick ass music and tour the world!" - John Garcia

Vista Chino the band formed by John Garcia and Brant Bjork (formerly of Kyuss Lives!) have unveiled 'Peace' as their debut under their new guise, and album artwork created by the renowned Californian art collective The Date Farmers.

Rising from the desert sands that birthed Kyuss Lives!, Vista Chino's sound is instantly familiar. With the trademark soulful vocals of John Garcia, the songwriting and production of Brant Bjork (drums) and the fuzz-laden riffage of imported guitarist Bruno Fevery, Vista Chino's debut is one of the year's most anticipated heavy rock albums of a new band born of a storied past.

Vista Chino ARE: John Garcia (Vocals) , Bruno Fevery (Guitar) , Brant Bjork (Drums), Nick Oliveri (Bass).


1. Good Morning Wasteland
2. Dargona Dragona
3. Sweet Remain
4. As You Wish
5. Planets 1&2
6. Adara
7. Mas Vino
8. Dark And Lovely
9. Barcelonian
10. Acidize...The Gambling Moose
11. Carnation (Bonus Track)
12. Sunlight At Midnight (Bonus Track)