Eels: Meet The Eels

Meet The Eels


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  • Release Date 21 January 2008
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  1. Novocaine For The Soul [Explicit]
  2. Susan's House
  3. My Beloved Monster
  4. Your Lucky Day In Hell
  5. 3 Speed [Explicit]
  6. Last Stop: This Town
  7. Climbing To The Moon (Jon Brion Remix (Explicit)) [Explicit]
  8. Flyswatter
  9. I Like Birds
  10. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues [Explicit]
  11. It's A Motherfucker [Explicit]
  12. Souljacker Part I
  13. That's Not Really Funny
  14. Fresh Feeling
  15. Get Ur Freak On [Explicit]
  16. Saturday Morning
  17. Love Of The Loveless
  18. Dirty Girl (Live At Town Hall)
  19. I Need Some Sleep
  20. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)
  21. I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart
  22. Trouble With Dreams
  23. Railroad Man (Edit)
  24. Losing Streak

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