Nathan Carter: Beautiful Life - CD/DVD

Beautiful Life - CD/DVD

Nathan Carter

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  • Release Date 11 May 2015
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CD Tracklist:

17 tracks, Brilliant box with CD/DVD and 16page booklet. Includes the new album with 3 bonus tracks plus a special DVD featuring concert footage and exclusive content.

  • 1.Wagon Wheel
  • 2.Where I Wanna Be
  • 3.Caledonia
  • 4.Boat To Liverpool
  • 5.Beautiful Life
  • 6.Call You Home
  • 7.Saw You Running
  • 8.Lay Down Beside Me
  • 9.One For The Road
  • 10.On The Other Side
  • 11.Tequilla Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
  • 12.Drift Away
  • 13.Welcome To The Weekend
  • 14.Good Morning Beautiful
  • 15.Where Do You Go To My Lovely
  • 16.Twelfth Of Never
  • 17.Ho Hey
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