Steve Hackett: The Charisma Years: 1975 - 1983 + Signed A3 Poster
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The Charisma Years: 1975 - 1983 + Signed A3 Poster

Steve Hackett

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Vinyl Box Set

The Charisma Years: 1975 - 1983 + Signed A3 Poster, limited to 100.

A widely lauded guitarist and song writer with an enduring international reputation, Steve came to prominence with Genesis and was the first member to release a solo album (Voyage of the Acolyte in 1975) before leaving the band in 1977.

His first six LPs (1975-83) were issued by the Charisma label and this super deluxe boxed set represents a comprehensive overview of this the most successful phase in his career.

It gathers together all of Steve Hackett's LPs from the period all pressed on 180g vinyl:

  • DEFECTOR (1980)
  • CURED (1981)
  • HIGHLY STRUNG (1983)

All LPs are facsimile editions of the original releases.The editions of Please Don't Touch and Spectral Mornings have been newly mixed by Steven Wilson from the original multi-track tapes. All the remaining albums have been newly remastered from the original master tapes.

The set also includes material previously unreleased on vinyl, including:

  • A double LP of a newly mixed concert recorded on the Spectral Mornings tour
  • A full LP and and 12-inch EP of Steve's appearance at the Reading Festival in August 1981
  • I KNOW WHAT I LIKE 12-inch EP

A special 12-inch live EP featuring Steve's band performing the Genesis classic I Know What I Like (in Your Wardrobe) recorded in 1979 at Oxford New Theatre plus several tracks recorded live at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in November 1979



Voyage Of The Acolyte

  1. Ace Of Wands
  2. Hands Of The Priestess - Pt. I
  3. A Tower Struck Down
  4. Hands Of The Priestess - Pt. II
  5. The Hermit
  6. Star Of Sirius
  7. The Lovers
  8. Shadow Of The Hierophant


Please Don’t Touch

  1. Narnia
  2. Carry On Up The Vicarage
  3. Racing In A
  4. Kim
  5. How Can I?
  6. Hoping Love Will Last
  7. Land Of A Thousand Autumns
  8. Please Don’t Touch
  9. The Voice Of Necam
  10. Icarus Ascending


Spectral Mornings

  1. Every Day
  2. The Virgin And The Gypsy
  3. The Red Flower Of
  4. Tachai Blooms Everywhere
  5. Clocks - The Angel Of Mons
  6. The Ballad Of
  7. The Decomposing Man
  8. Lost Time In Cordoba
  9. Tigermoth
  10. Spectral Mornings



  1. The Steppes
  2. Time To Get Out
  3. Slogans
  4. Leaving
  5. Two Vamps As Guests
  6. Jacuzzi
  7. Hammer In The Sand
  8. The Toast
  9. The Show
  10. Sentimental Institution



  1. Hope I Don’t Wake
  2. Picture Postcard
  3. Can’t Let Go
  4. The Air Conditioned Nightmare
  5. Funny Feeling
  6. A Cradle Of Swans
  7. Overnight Sleeper
  8. Turn Back Time


Highly Strung

  1. Camino Royale
  2. Cell 151
  3. Always Somewhere Else
  4. Walking Through Walls
  5. Give It Away
  6. Weightless
  7. Group Therapy
  8. India Rubber Man
  9. Hackett To Piece

LP7 (2LP set)

Live At Oxford (1979)

  1. Please Don’t Touch
  2. Tigermoth
  3. Every Day
  4. Narnia
  5. The Red Flower Of Tachai
  6. Blooms Everywhere
  7. Ace Of Wands
  8. Carry On Up The Vicarage
  9. Acoustic Medley:
  10. Etude In A Minor / Blood On
  11. The Rooftops / Horizons / Kim
  12. The Optigan
  13. Spectral Mornings
  14. Star Of Sirius
  15. Shadow Of The Hierophant
  16. Clocks
  17. Racing In A


Live At Reading (1981)

  1. The Air Conditioned Nightmare
  2. Every Day
  3. Ace Of Wands
  4. Funny Feeling
  5. The Steppes
  6. Overnight Sleeper
  7. Slogans
  8. A Tower Struck Down
  9. Spectral Mornings
  10. The Show
  11. Clocks - The Angel Of Mons

12” EP

Live 1979

  1. I Know What I Like
  2. (In Your Wardrobe)
  3. Ace Of Wands
  4. Sentimental Institution
  5. The Red Flower Of
  6. Tachai Blooms Everywhere

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