Roxy Music: Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Albums

Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Albums

Roxy Music

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  • Release Date 16 March 2015
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Vinyl Box Set

Roxy Music, the art rock band synonymous with both style and substance, are releasing ‘Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Albums’, a box set of their eight acclaimed studio albums for the first time on vinyl, since their original releases. The eight vinyl albums, the first ever to be mastered in half-speed mastering, come packed in a glamourous box set, befitting of a band that intoxicated with its cool cocktail of fashion, romance, nostalgia and futurism.

‘Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Albums’ presents Roxy Music’s studio albums as they were originally meant to be seen and heard. The band’s album covers are legendary and became an integral part of what Roxy Music represented: cinematic imagery set to startling, otherworldly music. This elegant vinyl release allows a new generation of music fans to discover why Roxy Music, with Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno for the first two albums, Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera and Paul Thompson, is considered one of the most influential British bands: adventurous, bewildering, stylish, sexy and beguiling. For all their imitators and admirers, no one has ever successfully cloned the unique and indefinable fusion of elements that made Roxy Music.

The eight albums: Roxy Music, For Your Pleasure, Stranded, Country Life, Siren, Manifesto, Flesh&Blood and Avalon were all international top ten chart hits . The songs were often vignettes, paens to a world whose surface glitter hid heartache and lost: ‘Virginia Plain’, ‘Do The Strand’, ‘Pyjamarama’, ‘Street Life’, ‘Love is The Drug’, ‘Mother of Pearl’, ‘In Every Dream Home a Heartache’, ‘Both Ends Burning’ and ‘More Than This.’

Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Albums was mastered in half-speed mastering at t Abbey Road Studios by respected engineer Miles Schowell.


Roxy Music

Side A
1. Re-Make/Re-Model
2. Ladytron
3. If There Is Something
4. 2 H.B.

Side B
1. The Bob (Medley)
2. Chance Meeting
3. Would You Believe?
4. Sea Breezes
5. Bitters End

For Your Pleasure

Side A
1. Do the Strand
2. Beauty Queen
3. Strictly Confidential
4. Editions of You
5. In Every Dream Home a Heartache

Side B
1. The Bogus Man
2. Grey Lagoons
3. For Your Pleasure


Side A
1. Street Life
2. Just Like You
3. Amazona
4. Psalm

Side B
1. Serenade
2. A Song for Europe
3. Mother of Pearl
4. Sunset

Country Life

Side A
1. The Thrill of It All
2. Three and Nine
3. All I Want Is You
4. Out of the Blue
5. If It Takes All Night

Side B
1. Bitter-Sweet
2. Triptych
3. Casanova
4. A Really Good Time
5. Prairie Rose


Side A
1. Love Is the Drug
2. End of the Line
3. Sentimental Fool
4. Whirlwind

Side B
1. She Sells
2. Could It Happen to Me?
3. Both Ends Burning
4. Nightingale
5. Just Another High


Side A
1. Manifesto
2. Trash
3. Angel Eyes
4. Still Falls the Rain
5. Stronger Through the Years

Side B
1. Ain't That So
2. My Little Girl
3. Dance Away
4. Cry, Cry, Cry
5. Spin Me Round

Flesh And Blood

Side A
1. In the Midnight Hour
2. Oh Yeah
3. Same Old Scene
4. Flesh and Blood
5. My Only Love

Side B
1. Over You
2. Eight Miles High
3. Rain, Rain, Rain
4. No Strange Delight
5. Running Wild


Side A
1. More than This
2. The Space Between
3. Avalon
4. India
5. While My Heart Is Still Beating

Side B
1. The Main Thing
2. Take a Chance with Me
3. To Turn You On
4. True to Life
5. Tara